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Industrial Wine - Allowable Chemicals

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Industrial Wine - Allowable Chemicals

polyoxyethylene 40 monostearate…looks appetizing…

The following is offered without a whole lot of comment–well, here and there I may have added a comment. This is a by no means comprehensive list of ATF approved chemicals and processes allowed in U.S. "industrial" wine production:

polyoxyethylene 40 monostearate (I think that's what the formula above is about. I'll have to ask Greg's daughter. She knows these things)


diacetyl (gives your cheap Chardonnay its "buttery" flavor - and Orville Redenbacher popcorn its flavor)

silicon dioxide



monostearategyceryl mono-oleategyceral dioleate (nothin' says "love" like an oleate, and a DI-OLEATE is even more special)

copper sulfate

calcium carbonate

ascorbic acid 

erythorbic acid

ammonium phosphate [mono- and dibasic] (I prefer the mono, but, you know, thats just "how I roll")

gum arabic

dimethyl dicarbonate





urease (makes me think of kidney stones, but what do I know?)

ethyl maltol

ferrocyanide compounds (ferrocyanide–what could go wrong?)

ferrous sulfate

fumaric acid

granular cork (helps to smooth wine–now we know what to do with old corks!)


polyvinylpolyprrolidone (poly AND vinyl together. How 70's!)

soy flour (go figure)

tannin (powdered form, from wood and other vegetable matter–all "natchel")

thiamine hydrochloride

cell wall/membranes of autolyzed yeast

sulphuric acid

ion exchange

reverse osmosis (beats regular ol' osmosis everytime)

spinning cone column (you gotta see it to belive it)

thermal gradient processing

thin-film evaporation

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