I’m burning up a lot of bandwidth for this big photo, but I liked the dog (he got the scraps), and I LOVED the restaurant.

This little “enoteca” had some of the best food Susan and I had in Italy. It’s about a kilometer up the road from Sergio’s in the village of Serralunga, under the old castle.

Alessio (the owner) married well (Stefania, his wife) because his mother-in-law (don’t know her name) prepares food like you wouldn’t believe.

My capacity for raw meat is surprising, but when you have a bunch of Dolcetto and Barbera to wash it down…yum! If you’re visiting Barolo, don’t miss this place:
Vinoteca Centro Storico
Via Roma, 6
Serralunga d’Alba (Cn)
Telephone: 0173.613203
Email: vinotecaserralunga@tiscali.it

Posted by David Moore