orangina bottle

This bottle holds a slick 10 oz. of liquid, and has a re-sealable cap. I keep lots of things like this around; 8 oz. Pellegrino bottles, 12 oz. “ice tea” bottles – anything like ‘em that are made of glass, and have re-sealable tops.

Before I pour for Susan at dinner, I fill one of these puppies up to the rim, twist the top on, and stick it in the fridge. Why? Because Susan and I rarely finish more than half a bottle at a time (we always have to get up early and face the next day).

This is the only “wine preservation system” I know of that
A: Doesn’t harm the wine like the “vacuum” pumps, or “gas” will (I know ALL about “wine preservation systems,” and never found one that doesn’t hurt more than help), and
B: Isn’t some goofy product marketed to people who don’t know any better, that sells for outrageous sums (after all, aren’t “wine people” flush with “disposable income?”).

This week Susan’s been traveling, and I’ve enjoyed a number of different wines poured from Orangina bottles (quickly labeled, so I remembered what was in them). Works like a charm.

Posted by David Moore