The Flatiron Collection is a Moore Brothers Wine Company classic. Since our founding in 1996, we have brought together a wide variety of wines from the Old World as a “sampling” of the types we drink most often, and that keep our customers returning for more. Chosen for their versatility and variety, the wines in the Courtier Collection bring together the work of some of our finest producers.

Notes on each of the wines are provided in the package.

regionRegional History
Wine in the Old World evolved over thousands of years. A happy accident, the discovery of vines and how to nurture them, provided drink, food, and commerce for early trading societies in the Mediterranean basin. Vitis Vinifera, the family of vines that produce wines (and includes well known varieties such as Chardonnay, Merlot, Syrah, etc.) existed as far east as the Caucuses to Greece in the west, and south to what are now Lebanon and Israel.
The Romans established virtually all of the growing regions throughout Europe, planting vines where conditions were best. The Church, which succeeded the Roman Empire kept the traditions and methods of wine production safe, and the monks who farmed the vineyards discovered particular characteristics in each plot they tended, and identified vineyards capable of producing “fine” wine.

Regional Foods
Old World cuisines are actually reflections of the agricultural possibilities that existed in the varied climates and topographies throughout Europe. Viticulture evolved in these small, local societies so that the grapes nurtured provided wines that “tasted good” with the other foods available.
In our preselected collections of wine, we like to celebrate the diversity of wine styles available in the Old World. In the U.S., we have a diverse culture of food that’s influenced by our history as a nation of immigrants. We hope, within the assorted wines in this collection, you’ll find a broad array of styles that fit the way you eat, and the way you live.
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