bardolino: gianni piccoli and his family at corte gardoni

The long flight to Venice behind us, we arrived at the Color Hotel in Bardolino (a great place to stay if you visit). The next morning we were off to visit Gianni Piccoli and his family at Corte Gardoni.

Gianni’s family have been producing wine in the Veneto since 1660 when they held land in what is now Valpolicella. Battles with hail and phylloxera led them away to the land west, where the family grew apples and other fruits. In the 70s, the opportunity to buy the Corte Gardoni estate came along, and Gianni convinced his father that wine was in […]

vinoteca centro storico

I’m burning up a lot of bandwidth for this big photo, but I liked the dog (he got the scraps), and I LOVED the restaurant.This little “enoteca” had some of the best food Susan and I had in Italy. It’s about a kilometer up the road from Sergio’s in the village of Serralunga, under the old castle.Alessio (the owner) married well (Stefania, his wife) because his mother-in-law (don’t know her name) prepares food like you wouldn’t believe.My capacity for raw meat is surprising, but when you have a bunch of Dolcetto and Barbera to wash it down…yum! If you’re visiting […]

know your place

Whenever two seemingly identical bottles (usually two bottlings made from the same grape(s) are on the “rack” at the same time, I’m often asked, “What is the difference between these two wines?”Beyond offering descriptions of the flavors, scents and textures in our wines – with and without food – there are a litany of other factors that can contribute to the differences between two bottles sitting next to each other on our racks. (And unless you indicate to me that you’re already 15 minutes late for your dinner reservation, or the kids are out in the car with the windows […]

travels in tuscany

It’s a view that inspires the singing of “Amazing Grace.”After a wonderful dinner with Susan (which I cooked, thank you), we took a short walk up to the dairy, and looked over the valleys and hills of Colli Fiorintini – fireflies blazing in every direction.The shadows were not yet deep enough to hide the textures of distance, the night not yet black enough for stars, so we waited…This place, Fattoria Corzano e Paterno, will teach you to love Chinati, and love life.Posted by David Moore