the art of the spittoon

The practice of spitting out wine has always been a curiosity. How can you truly taste something if you don’t swallow it? After all, the lower back of the tonque must contribute something to the flavor. And why would you want to spit it out if it tastes good?It was at a Moore Brothers tasting event where for the first time I observed, first-hand, people using a spittoon. The ritual prior to spitting consisted of swirling the wine in the glass, sticking the nose into it, taking wine into the mouth, swishing it around, and sucking in air.At one point, […]

temperature controlled wine shipments


This big hunk of eighteen-wheeled joy is one of the refrigerated trucks we always talk about. It had just pulled up in front of Sergio’s place to pick up a few palates of wine destined to our customers in New York, New Jersey, and Delaware. It was great to finally see one of these things on-site!

At Moore Brothers Wine Company, we take this step seriously. It guarantees that you’re drinking the wine in perfect condition, and our customers notice the difference. Being in the business of selling wine, and not taking care of the product in this manner is one […]

more on “fake” foods and wine

If you’ve ever wondered why we work so hard to find small production wineries owned by a “person” or family, take a look at the following from the New Yorker’s online magazine, Slippery Business – The trade in adulterated olive oil. “For us, the concept of ‘good’ is enough. We want to be average folks.” – Leonardo Marseglia
Once again, proving the point that knowing where your food (or wine, for that matter) come from is important. Check out these related posts as well:fake winemore thoughts on industrial wines…yet more “fake” wine stuff…It’s good to know that the wines we drink […]

know your place

Whenever two seemingly identical bottles (usually two bottlings made from the same grape(s) are on the “rack” at the same time, I’m often asked, “What is the difference between these two wines?”Beyond offering descriptions of the flavors, scents and textures in our wines – with and without food – there are a litany of other factors that can contribute to the differences between two bottles sitting next to each other on our racks. (And unless you indicate to me that you’re already 15 minutes late for your dinner reservation, or the kids are out in the car with the windows […]

degustibus – part 3

1.) Drink wine out of good glasses.
2.) Never fill them more than a third of the way.
Which doesn’t mean you need to buy expensive crystal, or even “ISO” or Riedel “Gourmet” tasting glasses. Believe it or not, I’d rather drink Robert Ampeau’s incredible Volnay-Santenots 1976 out of a cheap, eight-ounce Libbey’s “Citation” all-purpose clunker with the patented safety lip, than out of the beautiful hand-cut red wine goblet from the traditional Waterford “Lismore” collection.
The Libbeys glass is a better glass than the Waterford goblet, and that’s not a matter of arguable opinion. It’s a matter of chemistry, aerodynamics, and […]