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Reader, PeterD posted this question:
To the experts: is an “industrial” product, by definition, adulterated? Is it possible to have an “industrial” wine that is pleasing to the palate and not a chemistry experiment? Serious question folks.


Thanks for your question. Oreo Cookies have pleased my palate over the years, but I wouldn’t make an argument in favor of their “quality.” In the same manner, Ragú tomato sauce has pleased many a palate, but shouldn’t be confused with a real marinara sauce made from small-farm tomatoes.

The “implied contract” between a producer or merchant of wine, […]

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no, really?

Fake Wine

Really, I’m shocked, and outraged – much like Claude Rains in Casablanca; “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!”

Apparently, the British press (3 separate newspapers) are all atwitter about “fake wine” – see here:
The Telegraph and here
The Daily Mail and here
in The Sun (Rupert Murdoch’s flagship)

No, really?

Some of the writing in these articles is bogus, but the point is real; there is a difference between wine, and the “food-processed beverages” that pass themselves off as wine…and that would be the majority of […]

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