The Philadelphia area is home to some of the country’s finest restaurants, hundreds of which are BYOB (bring your own bottle). What better way to explore wonderful pairings of food & wine?

Our staff includes many restaurant veterans who love to cook, and everyone here can provide helpful guidance on wine pairings for the broad variety of BYOs in the area. (Or you can find some quick recommendations right here.)

Love to cook at home? Our enthusiastic staff (we love our jobs!) can provide helpful information on recipes and food & wine pairings.

And with a visit to the Tasting Table in all of our stores, you’ll taste perfect examples of delicious wines to use at home.

We invite you to come taste the difference of hand-made artisan wine at Moore Brothers Wine Company.

Looking for some stories on how we use our wine in everyday life? Take a look at our blog! Here we share our own experiences with local BYOB restaurants, and our adventures in cooking.

You can also use the search to find a bunch of tasting notes or stories about any particular food (just type “lamb” in the searchbox, for example, and watch what comes up). Have fun, and remember to come by and taste the difference of hand-made, artisan wine.