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For three generations the Talley family has farmed in the Arroyo Grande Valley, located just south of San Luis Obispo in the heart of California’s South Central Coast wine region. Complete control over all phases of winegrowing is the guiding principle: from the planting of vines ideally suited to each vineyard site, to viticulture and winemaking that emphasize long term sustainability, low yields and minimal processing, to the gentle bottling of the finished wine. All wines produced under the Talley Vineyards label are grown, produced and bottled by the Talley family.

This wine has a spicy bouquet layered with notes of cola, clove, black cherry, and sandalwood. The mid-palate is silky in texture, with flavors of red fruit, mineral, and a distinct earthiness that expresses the masculine attributes of the Rincon Vineyard. This pinot noir pairs nicely with hearty meat dishes like braised short ribs and rack of lamb.

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regionRegional History
California has a rich history of vine growing beginning in 1769 when Padre Junipero Serra is believed to have brought vinifera cuttings with him from Mexico, when he established the Mission San Diego. With the secularization of the Franciscan missions in 1830, commercial winegrowing was established throughout the state, though on a fairly small scale.
With a large influx of European immigrants during, and after the “Gold Rush,” vines were planted everywhere. In 1862, the French Revue Viticole reported that California was “…capable of entering competition with the wines of Europe.”
The legal designation of “Central Coast” is a broad AVA for wines which are grown in an area extending from San Simeon in the north, through Santa Barbara in the south. This area also includes a number of smaller AVA, such as Arroyo Grande Valley.

Regional Foods
Trying to define the “cuisine” of California is much like fixing a flat tire on a moving car. With a large Asian-American population dating back to the 19th Century, the state tends to adopt Asian foods fairly liberally. The American sushi craze began in California, and the California roll is used to describe sushi with avocado as a primary ingredient – one example of a traditional Asian dish modified to allow for the tremendous variety of fresh foods grown in the State.
European cooking, such as French Nouvelle Cuisine, and Italian Tuscan cooking has been absorbed, and reworked as well – with the emphasis on fresh, locally grown ingredients.
California raises cattle for beef, sheep, ducks, and pork, often simply grilled with fresh herbs. The long and varied growing seasons, brings a seemingly endless variety of vegetables, fruits, and nuts. And since the 1980s, artisan cheese production, particularly from goats milk has achieved international acclaim as among the world’s best.

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Pork Roasts, Simply Roasted, Well-Farmed Chickens, Game Birds

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